2022 New Factory Sealed AB 1769-IF8 CompactLogix 8 Pt Analog Input Module US
Buy: $1167.56 CAD
2022 Factory Sealed Allen Bradley 1769-PA4 /A CompactLogix Power Supply
Buy: $479.03 CAD
2022 Allen Bradley 1756-EN2T ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Module AB 1756EN2T
Buy: $2527.26 CAD
2022 AB 1734-OB8S 1734OB8S Point I/O 8 Channel Safety Sourcing Output Module
Buy: $919.37 CAD
1769-AENTR Allen-Bradley 1769 Ethernet/IP Adapter 1769 AENTR
Buy: $4935.76 CAD
NEW Allen Bradley 1762-IF4 MicroLogix 4 CH Analog Input Module. Factory Sealed
Buy: $745.90 CAD
In Stock Newest In Box Original 440R-EM4R2 Safety Relay
Buy: $665.84 CAD
1Mod 1 Modulus Gear Rack Steel 10*10*500Mm Gear Rack Precision Straight Teeth
Buy: $18.11 CAD
Ditron2/3/4 Axis RPM Digital Readout DRO Linear Scale Digital Display Milling
Buy: $128.90 CAD
2022 NEW AB 1734-IB8S 1734IB8S SER B Digital Safety Input Module US Fast ship
Buy: $1465.12 CAD
GY-BME280-3.3V GY-BME280-5V Digital Temperature Humidity Pressure Sensor Module
Buy: $4.60 CAD
Allen-Bradley 1756-IF16 SER A ControlLogix 16 Pt Input Module New Factory Sealed
Buy: $3067.67 CAD
Factory Sealed AB 1734-OB8S SER B 8 Channel Safety Sourcing Output Module
Buy: $865.99 CAD
Telemecanique TSXT107 TSX T107 Data terminal Made in France
Buy: $226.84 CAD
1/2/4PCS MGN9H MGN12H Miniature  Block CNC + Linear Slide Rail Guide CNC 3D Prin
Buy: $35.92 CAD
New Siemens A5E30947477-H3 PCU50 Power Supply A5E30947477
Buy: $974.07 CAD
HB100 Microwave Doppler Radar Wireless Module Motion Sensor 10.525GHz Arduino
Buy: $4.22 CAD
POWGE 2GT 2MGT G2M open Synchronous Timing Belt Width 3/6/9/10/15mm 3D Printer
Buy: $266.86 CAD
New Sealed AB 5069-OBV8S A Compact I/O 8-Ch Safety Output Module 5069OBV8S
Buy: $8393.06 CAD
32bits GRBL Controller 3 Axis Control Board Stepper Motor Drive for CNC Engraver
Buy: $34.35 CAD
2022 New AB 1769-IF8 Compact I/O Compactlogix 8ch Analog Input SER A 1769IF8
Buy: $1131.53 CAD
New Factory Sealed AB 1769-OW16 Ser A CompactLogix Relay Output Module 1769OW16
Buy: $847.31 CAD
25B-D013N104 Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525 5.5kW 7.5Hp AC Drive 25BD013N104
Buy: $1307.66 CAD
1PCS A4988 3D printer stepper motor driver control expansion shield board
Buy: $1.32 CAD
MGN/7/9/12/15 100-1200mm Linear Rail Slide MGN12 Linear Guide+MGN12H Carriage
Buy: $9.54 CAD
New Allen-Bradley 1756-EN2TR ControlLogix PLC Module AB 1756EN2TR NEW
Buy: $3734.84 CAD
THSL-300-8D Trapezoidal Rod T8 Lead Screw Thread 8mm Lead 1mm with Brass Nut
Buy: $13.33 CAD
Timing Belt GT2 Power Drive Belt 98mm-1524mm Closed Rubber Belts Width 6mm 9mm
Buy: $8.42 CAD
Muscle Activity Detector EMG Sensor Measuring Module for Arduino Controller
Buy: $30.18 CAD
2/3Axis LCD DRO Digital Readout 5um TTL Linear Scale CNC Milling Lathe US
Buy: $346.92 CAD
4pcs 2040 BLACK V-Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile Linear Rail For CNC 3D Printer
Buy: $327.58 CAD
CNC Spindle Kit Air Cooled 800W Spindle Motor + 52mm Clamps + Speed Governor
Buy: $178.00 CAD
Newest AB 2085-ECR Micro800 Expansion Module End Cap 2085-ECR In Stock
Buy: $43.37 CAD
New Factory Sealed 1794-TB3 /A Flex Terminal Base Module 1794TB3
Buy: $78.57 CAD
New Factory Sealed AB 1734-AENTR /B Point I/O Dual Port Adaptor Module 1734AENTR
Buy: $780.59 CAD
New Schneider tm221ce40r Programmable controller DHL Fast delivery
Buy: $500.38 CAD
10pcs 693ZZ Miniature Ball Bearings 3*8*4mm Small Double Shielded Bearing HIbz
Buy: $1.70 CAD
3Pcs Miniature DC Motor DIY Toy 130 Small Electric Motor 3V to 6V Low VoltagNIHH
Buy: $4.03 CAD
1pc Red Lion CUB5B000 Miniature Electronic 8 Digit Dual Counter
Buy: $206.82 CAD
Digital Finger Ring Tally Counter Hand Held Knitting Row counter CLICKER DIY
Buy: $5.32 CAD
1PCS H3CR-A8 New Omron Timer Modules 100-240VAC 50/60HZ
Buy: $18.40 CAD
2/3Axis Digital Readout LCD DRO Display Encoders TTL Linear Glass Scale 4''-80''
Buy: $515.05 CAD
-15-30°C Thermostat Temperature Thermal Switch Normally Open/Closed NO/NC KSD301
Buy: $7.35 CAD
1PC New for Omron USB-CIF02  programming cable CQM1/CPM1A/2A/CPM1 serial cable
Buy: $50.67 CAD
New Factory Sealed AB 2085-IF8 Micro800 8 Point Analog Input Module 2085IF8
Buy: $645.83 CAD
0.5 Modulus 20T/30T/40T/50T/60Tooth Brass Gear Worm3-6mm Hole Dia. Drive Gearbox
Buy: $5.27 CAD
2022 Allen-Bredley 1794-AENT SER B Flex I/O EtherNet/IP Adaptor AB 1794AENT
Buy: $1490.47 CAD
Newest Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8 SER C POINT I/O 8 Point Digital Output Module
Buy: $406.98 CAD
Waterproof Ultrasonic JSN-SR04T-3.0 Distance Measuring Transducer Sensor Kit
Buy: $9.17 CAD
New Sealed Allen-Bradley POINT I/O Ethernet Network Adaptor 1734-AENT USA
Buy: $505.72 CAD
GT2 Closed Loop Synchronous Timing Belt 2mm Pitch 6mm 9mm Wide 3D Printer Pulley
Buy: $9.33 CAD
New Factory Sealed AB 1746-OW16 SLC 500 SerD PLC Output Module 1746OW16 US Stock
Buy: $165.46 CAD
1 PCS Sealed Allen-Bradley 1756-A13 Series /C ControlLogix 13 Slot Chassis PLC
Buy: $851.30 CAD
New Factory Sealed AB 1756-OB32 /A ControlLogix 32 Point DO Module 1756OB32
Buy: $385.63 CAD
Buy: $213.36 CAD
3mm-14mm Rigid Flange Coupling Motor Guide Shaft Coupler Motor Connector
Buy: $6.63 CAD
1Pc 1Mod 15T 18T Stepper Motor Mech Rack & Gear 6/8/10Mm 45 Steel Cnc Gear
Buy: $7.99 CAD
NEW Allen Bradley Safe Speed Monitor 20-750-S1
Buy: $1998.86 CAD
2022 Allen-Bradley 1734-OB8S Safety Sourcing Output Module 1734OB8S
Buy: $904.69 CAD
Dia. 4mm-20mm 45# Steel Round Rod Bar Shaft Axis Metal Optical
Buy: $5.15 CAD
New in box Beckhoff EL6751 module EL6751-0000
Buy: $381.62 CAD
2022 New Sealed AB 1734-OE4C SER C POINT I/O 4 Point Analog Output Module
Buy: $1813.38 CAD
White PU HTD 5M Open Timing Belt Width 10/15/20/25/30/50mm Polyurethane Steel
Buy: $934.03 CAD
10Pcs Carbon Brushes Bush Repairing Part Electric Washing Motor New
Buy: $3.86 CAD
1746-P4 New Allen Bradley 1746-P4 Ser A SLC 500 Power Supply Module Fast Ship
Buy: $559.76 CAD
HX711 LED Display Load Cell AD Weight Pressure Sensor 24-bit Electronic Scale
Buy: $3.92 CAD
REX-C100 Digital PID Thermostat temperature Controller SSR output K Thermocouple
Buy: $5.16 CAD
Z Axis Adjuster Engraver Slide Focus Master Kit for 2020/2040 Aluminum Profile
Buy: $83.66 CAD
NEW 1769-L30ER Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 1 MB ENet Controller
Buy: $1866.75 CAD
DC 3-6V Motor RF-500TB-18280 Solderless Cradle Repair Kit For Fisher Price Swing
Buy: $9.33 CAD
NewFactory Sealed AB 1734-OB8 /C POINT I/O 8 Point Digital Output Module 1734OB8
Buy: $373.62 CAD
OMRON E6B2-CWZ1X Rotary Encoder 10-5000P/R 100P/R 1000P/R 1024P/R 1200P/R1800P/R
Buy: $25.34 CAD
AC 110-220V 10000W SCR Motor Speed Controller Volt Regulator Thermostat Dimmer
Buy: $30.28 CAD
2/3 Axis Digital Readout TTL 5um Linear Glass Scale DRO Display , CA STOCK
Buy: $234.99 CAD
5/6/6.35/8mm Flexible Shaft Coupling Rigid  For CNC  Motor Coupler Connector
Buy: $4.55 CAD
1PCS Brand New Replacement For FANUC Spindle Motor Encoder A20B-2003-0311
Buy: $132.10 CAD
 Allen Bradley New Sealed ControlLogix 4 Slots Chassis 1756-A4
Buy: $496.38 CAD
1PC New Omron PLC CQM1-CIF02 Programming Interface RS232 Cable
Buy: $34.19 CAD
Buy: $79.93 CAD
Panasonic MHMD082G1D AC Servo Motor In Box Expedited Shipping MHMD082G1D
Buy: $545.74 CAD
10PCS DC 5V-35V 5A 20khz LED PWM DC Motor Controller Speed Regulation Dimmer New
Buy: $18.67 CAD
OMRON E6B2-CWZ5B Rotary Encoder 10-5000P/R 360P/R 500P/R 1000P/R 1024P/R 1200P/R
Buy: $25.34 CAD
1756-A7 SER C ControlLogix 7 Slots Chassis 1756A7 AB New Factory Sealed
Buy: $585.78 CAD
2022 New Factory Sealed AB 22A-D8P7N104 PowerFlex 4 3.7 kW 5 Hp AC Drive
Buy: $1199.58 CAD
1PCS NEW IN BOX SIEMENS PLC 6ES7331-7KF02-0AB0 6ES7 331-7KF02-0AB0 64208746752
Buy: $263.07 CAD
PP Floating Ball Switch Liquid Water Level Sensor Horizontal Float Switch D~NA
Buy: $2.32 CAD
New Factory Sealed AB 1756-IF16 SER A ControlLogix 16 Pt Input Module 1756IF16
Buy: $3334.54 CAD
New Factory Sealed AB 1734-OB8S SER B Point I/O Safety Output 2022 US
Buy: $845.98 CAD
1769-L33ER Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 2 MB ENet Controller 1769L33ER
Buy: $3415.93 CAD
10pcs In Stock NEW  800F-X10 800FX10
Buy: $54.69 CAD
5PCS IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module For Arduino Smart Car Rob~NA
Buy: $3.27 CAD
1PCS OMRON Rotary Encoder E6B2-CWZ1X 2000P/R E6B2CWZ1X 5VDC New in box
Buy: $40.02 CAD
1PCS NEW IN BOX Siemens PLC Module 6ES7321-1BL00-0AA0 6ES7 321-1BL00-0AA0
Buy: $118.76 CAD
Reciprocating Cycle Linear Actuator Telescopic Motor Stroke 20-120MM Adjustable
Buy: $80.05 CAD
 New In Box Omron cj2m-cpu33 CPU unit PLC MODULE  fast delivery 1 year warranty
Buy: $759.24 CAD
New HC-SR501 Infrared PIR Motion Sensor Module for Arduino Raspberry pi -CH.hm
Buy: $2.07 CAD
New Factory Sealed  1756-ENBT / A ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Comms Module 1756ENBT
Buy: $573.74 CAD
POWGE HTD 3M Timing belt Pitch Length 129/132/135/138/141/144/147/150/153/156mm
Buy: $14.66 CAD
2pcs HGR20 200mm-2700mm Square Linear Guide Rail+4pc HGW20CA Flang CNC Router
Buy: $377.71 CAD
1pcs NEW SilentSync W-1280  Belt Toothed Belt  W1280 W-1280
Buy: $504.38 CAD