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A Woodland Christmas Advent Calendar by Bernadette Watts (Children's Books)
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Colouring book / 1800 Disney Pictures for Kids Adult / paint print coloring PDF
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LOT 4 Russian children books! Poems about safety etiquette hygiene beeing good
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Grandmother Fish: A Child's First Book of Evolution
$17.85 CAD
Lot 45 Wonderful World Of Reading Disney Book Club Set Classic Childrens Cartoon
Buy: $99.99 CAD
The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith Hardcover New
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VINTAGE(1987) LOT OF 9  - WHAT IT MEANS TO BE ...children's Hardcover Books
$49.0 CAD
The Children's Book Of Heroes
$15.42 CAD
Lot 34 Star Wars Books Kids Series Various Childrens Reading Levels Rare Set
Buy: $99.99 CAD
The Batsford Book of Music for Children
$16.02 CAD
Kids' Paper Airplane Book New
Buy: $23.88 CAD
The Kids Book of Canadian History
Buy: $18.53 CAD
The Kids Book of Canadian Exploration New
Buy: $18.84 CAD
TIME For Kids Big Book of How New
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The Ultimate Book of Hockey Trivia for Kids New
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The Burgess Bird Book for Children
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Pakhomov 10 books for children 1986   Russian book
$93.39 CAD
A Child's Book of Poems New
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LOT 4 Children books to color! Baby poems with coloring pictures for girls
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Dead Children Playing: A Picture Book New
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The Random House Book of Poetry for Children New
Buy: $34.03 CAD
Time for Kids Nonfiction Readers Grade 2 30-Book Set New
Buy: $276.4 CAD
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Collection - 10 Books
Buy: $62.25 CAD
Colouring book / BMW CARS  23 Pictures for Kids Adult / paint print coloring PDF
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Girls Cook Book (Kids Cookbook S.).
Buy: $26.52 CAD
National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Space New
Buy: $20.51 CAD
Families Change: A Book for Children Experiencing Termination of Parental... New
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The best works for children 4 - 5 years Russian book
$54.79 CAD
Dvora Omer lot 6 children book
$99.62 CAD
The Burgess Bird Book for Children New
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R.L. Stine Vintage Goosebumps Book Lot Horror Childrens YA Chapter 15 Paperback
$69.99 CAD
 Charushin E. 10 books for children. 1989  IN RUSSIAN
$80.94 CAD
200 Brain Games for Kids ( Big Book Series )
Buy: $16.52 CAD
Peter Blake's ABC Children's Book
$14.94 CAD
National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of How New
Buy: $20.55 CAD
This Child Every Child: A Book about the World's Children New
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Children's Book of Virtues New
Buy: $35.82 CAD
THE FISHERMAN & HIS WIFE - Board Book for Children
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Children's Choice Book Club   LOVEABLE LYLE  EX++  Bernard Waber 1969
$44.69 CAD
$42.64 CAD
My First Book of Amharic Words: Training for bilingual children, Ethiopian Books
Buy: $16.13 CAD
The Book of Cards for Kids by Gail MacColl.
Buy: $25.56 CAD
Turkey Thanksgiving Activity Books for Kids: Activity Book for Boy, Girls,
Buy: $26.6 CAD
$80.77 CAD
The Big Book of Hockey for Kids New
Buy: $22.79 CAD
Left Behind: The Kids Books 1-6 Boxed Set New
Buy: $31.51 CAD
The Kids Book of the Night Sky New
Buy: $18.07 CAD
The Super, Epic, Mega Joke Book for Kids
$11.35 CAD
Ukrainian children Book - Toreadoti z Vasukivki
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A Boy and a Bear the Children's Relaxation Book New
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Lot of 10 vintage interesting Russian Children Books
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The Tree Book for Kids and Their Grown-Ups New
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Elephants: A Book for Children by Steve Bloom.
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Maze Books for Kids: Activity Coloring for Children, Boy, Girls, Kids Ages
Buy: $26.37 CAD
Ukrainian children Book - Veseli htosiki
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Russian kids book Сказки - Чуковский, Дети, Книги, Tales, Children's, Chukovsky
$37.23 CAD
2 books for Thai, English and fruit preschool children
$14.93 CAD
Shakespeare Childrens Stories 20 Hardback Books Boxed Complete Gift Set
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A Fly Went By Children's Book Mike McClintock Paperback Hardback Beginner Books
Buy: $19.21 CAD
A Fly Went By Children's Book Mike McClintock Hardback Paperback Beginner Books
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RW Handbook by Scholastic Children's Books.
Buy: $24.79 CAD
LOT 5 IQ books for kids with games and riddles + Russian ABC book with stickers
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Sophie Stories Collection 3 Childrens Books Dick King-Smith, Tom, Snail, Saddle
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Buy: $2.22 CAD
Christmas Jokes by Macmillan Children's Books.
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Christmas Coloring Books for Toddlers: Coloring Book for Girls and Kids.
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Big Box of Books Collection 20 books BOX Set Children Reading Bedtime Stories
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My Big Box of Bedtime Stories Collection 20 Books BOX Set Children Reading books
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Catholic Prayer Book for Children New
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The Moomins: The World of Moominvalley by Macmillan Children's Books.
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Hotham Street Ladies - a Book for Kids! '
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Diary of a Wimpy Kid 10 Books Box Set Collection NEW
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Ukrainian children Book - Lycarstvo kozacke
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In Ukrainian kids book - The Chronicles of Narnia - C.S. Lewis - Хроніки Нарнії
$49.69 CAD
The X-Files: Earth Children Are Weird: A Picture Book
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1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up New
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A Small Child's Book Of Prayers (Little Shepherd Book)
$12.65 CAD
Captain Underpants Children 10 Books Set Collection New Paperback
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The Kids' Book of Chess by Harvey Kidder.
Buy: $29.71 CAD
The Kids Book of Canada by Barbara Greenwood.
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New Children's Mass Book by Basil Senger.
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Enid Blyton 's Mysteries series 6 Books Set Collection Childrens Classic books
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The Kids Book of Golf by John Gordon.
Buy: $19.76 CAD
Will Shortz Presents The Monster Book of Sudoku for Kids: 150 Fun Puzzles
$10.05 CAD
All Night, All Day - A Child's First Book of African-American Spirituals
$17.85 CAD
Lemonade in Winter: A Book About Two Kids Counting Money
$16.55 CAD
OXFORD BOOK OF POETRY FOR CHILDREN  w/dj  Edward Blishen 1963 Brian Wildsmith
$81.99 CAD
BEST IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS  Vol 27   with 19 pictures by ANDY WARHOL w/dj 1959
$80.77 CAD
Captain Underpants Children 12 Books Set Collection, Terrifying Return Tippy
Buy: $89.33 CAD
Asking About Sex & Growing Up (A Question-And-Answer Book for Kids)
$15.25 CAD
Color & Garden Activity Book (Dover Children's Activity Books).
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National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Dinosaurs
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National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the Ocean New
Buy: $22.52 CAD
Jake Bakes Cakes. A SIlly Rhyming Children's Picture Book New
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What the Dormouse Said: Lessons for Grown-ups from Children's Books
$12.65 CAD
1962 Tom Tit Moves House By Molly Brett - Medici Books For Children Paperback
$9.95 CAD
Baby-Sitter's Nightmares 3 Books, Light's Out, Evil Child and Alone in the Dark
Buy: $29.99 CAD
A CHILD'S BOOK OF BIRDS  by W. J. Beecher  W/DJ pic cover Ex++ 1968
$40.59 CAD
We Have Eczema Too - Aveeno / Johnson & Johnson Children's Book 1999 Paperback
$9.95 CAD
A CHILD'S BOOK OF PRAYERS   w/dj   Illustrator Michael Hague    Ex+ 1985
$43.05 CAD