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Vintage (1980s) Rose China Gainsborough 2222 chop plate | round platter.
Buy: $49.99 CAD
Vintage (mid 1960s) Wedgwood Kent Green covered sugar bowl.
Buy: $51.0 CAD
Vintage (1980s) Rose China Gainsborough 2222 creamer or covered sugar bowl.
Buy: $43.99 CAD
Vintage (1980s) Rose China Gainsborough 2222 round vegetable serving bowl. Flawe
Buy: $49.99 CAD
Vintage (1930s) Paragon Princess Margaret Rose oval dessert or salad plate.
Buy: $49.99 CAD
Vintage (1930s) Paragon Princess Margaret Rose bon bon | candy dish.
Buy: $45.19 CAD
 natural hand-carved Chinese jade pendant - White jade lotus /free shipping
$1.3 CAD
Chinese old natural jade hand-carved statue pendant     126
Buy: $4.34 CAD
Victorian Brass Telescope w Box Antique Finish Nautical Maritime Spyglass Telesc
$22.93 CAD
109g Chinese Exquisite Hand-carved tortoise carving Archaic jade statue
$16.73 CAD
Chinese natural jade carved by hand round jade pendant with free shipping
$1.3 CAD
Chinese old antique collection pure brass Dragon small pendant
Buy: $6.54 CAD
18" Ship Wheel Wooden: Pirate Boat Nautical Fishing Diameter
Buy: $76.98 CAD
Chinese Exquisite  Malay jade Pendant Green Dragon
Buy: $1.3 CAD
Beautiful Old Tibet Tibetan Bronze Buddhism Buddha statue Exorcism peace wealth
$20.95 CAD
Chinese Handmade Inside painted landscape&Autumn scenery glass Snuff Bottle
$5.23 CAD
40MM Collect Curio Chinese Small Bronze Exquisite Lifelike Animal Snail Statue
Buy: $7.39 CAD
Collection bronze Carved flower mechanical pocket watch omea clock Pendant
Buy: $22.26 CAD
Solid Brass Antique British Military Prismatic Pocket Compass Marine Solid Gift
$34.84 CAD
Buy: $22.26 CAD
Exquisite Chinese bronze Hand Carved Dragon statue Loud Whistle
Buy: $6.54 CAD
1PC Chinese Exquisite green black jade Hand-Carved pendant cicada
Buy: $2.61 CAD
Chinese Collectible Glass inside painted Handmade Plum blossom Snuff Bottle
Buy: $5.23 CAD
Nautical Wooden Ship Steering Wheel Pirate Decor Wood Brass Fishing Wall Boat
$57.65 CAD
China handcarved green jade Water drop shape Pendant necklace
Buy: $1.3 CAD
Old Chinese tibet Silver Dragon Phoenix lucky Bullion thanka amulet Pendant
$7.87 CAD
China Exquisite Hand-carved Lucky bird hetian white jade Pendant-2.8"
$1.3 CAD
Vintage Windjammer Lamp
Buy: $135.0 CAD
    Chinese natural jade manual sculpture, small white jade Buddha pendant
Buy: $1.3 CAD
$350.0 CAD
12.9" Collection Old Chinese Porcelain Bean green glaze Vase w Qianlong Mark
$0.14 CAD
Lot of 100 Shinny Brass Working Compass keychain Nautical Handmade solid Gift
$162.46 CAD
China Cloisonne porcelain handwork painting Birds flowers Vase w Qianlong Marks
$0.14 CAD - 1 bid
Solid Wood base carved Ganoderma Display stand for vase bottle teapot
Buy: $64.18 CAD
Antique Maritime Brass dome Lens-Compass Vintage Nautical Table Top.
$24.89 CAD
Boxwood Wood Carving Sexy Woman Lady Hand-Carved Lover Gift Sculpture Collection
Buy: $39.29 CAD
Antique Collectible Nautical Brass Working German Marine Sextant w/ Wooden Box
$49.42 CAD
Chinese 100% Natural Cinnabar Red Jade Hand-carved Tiger Statue  LUGUO
Buy: $78.6 CAD
Thomas Till & Sons
Buy: $140.0 CAD
Collection Chinese antique bangle hand-carved old jade dragon bracelet  56mm
Buy: $33.93 CAD
Solid Brass Sundial Compass Maritime Vintage West London Compass Nautical Gift
$11.78 CAD
Cool Solid silver hand carved snake figure statue pendant netsuke gift
$40.83 CAD
Tibetan silver  tea pot hand-carved with old tree stump Teapot
Buy: $65.49 CAD
Buy: $31.43 CAD
Chinese old natural jade hand-carved statue dragon seal 2.5 inch
$0.02 CAD
Vintage Blue Lotte Gunnar Bostlund Danish Table Lamp with Original Shade
Buy: $375.0 CAD
Chinese Old Blue and White Crane Pattern Porcelain Vase
Buy: $51.1 CAD
7'' bronze copper brass carved buddhism tathagata Sakyamuni buddha head statue
$195.21 CAD
chinese old boxwood Buddha tea statue figure collectable netsuke decorate
$0.02 CAD
Chinese Dynasty Bronze Silver Bamboo Cicada Pen Container Brush Pot Pencil Vase
$196.52 CAD
Tibetan silver  tea pot hand-carved with old tree stump Teapot
Buy: $65.49 CAD
10'' tibetan bronze silver carved imperial fengshui animal beast dragon Fish pot
$209.62 CAD
Chinese old boxwood hand carved chrysanthemum statue decoration gift
$170.11 CAD
Chinese old natural jade hand-carved double dragon pendant 2.6 inch
$0.02 CAD
Exquisite Natural Myanmar hand carved Jadeite Emerald Jade snuff bottle gifts
Buy: $20.95 CAD
China Ceramics Porcelain Red Lovable Guardion Lion Tea Canister Storage Pot Pair
Buy: $49.79 CAD
5" Collection Rare Old Chinese Chinese China Ox Horn Hand-carved Ox horn statue
Buy: $174.77 CAD
Certified Exquisite Hand-carved Sun god carving hetian jade Pendant-2.75"
$48.45 CAD
9'' Fine brass copper carved chinese dragon statue
$203.07 CAD
VINTAGE Handmade Frame Oval Curved Glass w/Dryed Flowers
$50.0 CAD
Chinese old natural jade hand-carved statue dragon pendant 2.3 inch
$0.02 CAD
9'' tibetan copper silver-plated carved home fengshui decor beast animal dragon
$203.07 CAD
$47.15 CAD
10'' brass copper carved folk home fengshui auspicious beast Dragon statue
$218.8 CAD
 8'' tibet copper carved Sun Wukong monkey king head statue
$188.66 CAD
Chinese Antique Old copper hand-made wealth lucky unicorn incense burner
Buy: $180.8 CAD
6'' brass copper carved auspicious beast animal winged beast Dragon statue
$169.01 CAD
Collectible Decorated Handwork Tibet Silver gilt Vajrasattva Buddha Statue good
Buy: $136.9 CAD
Certified Green Chinese-exquisite-hand-carved-jade-necklace-28inches1053
$217.49 CAD
Antiques Asian China Bronze Gilding Guanyin  Buddha Decorate Statue
Buy: $107.43 CAD
A Pair Of Antique Chinese Family Tree Ancestor Painting
$131.38 CAD
China, jade, antique, Hongshan culture, crystal, choi, statue  T1112
$196.52 CAD
6'' tibetan bronze silver carved beast animal tortoise Dragon Turtle cup pot
$189.97 CAD
6.5'' copper silver plating carved tibet buddhism Ushnisha Vijaya Namgyalma
$169.01 CAD
7'' tibetan copper silver-plated CARVED BIRDS PHOENIX CUP POT TEAPOT STATUE
$213.55 CAD
rare fine 925 silver hand carved wolf head statue pendant decoration gift
$119.06 CAD
chinese old boxwood hand carved tree duck statue waterscape table decoration
$255.16 CAD
13" Chinese old antique hand carved huanghuali Wood dragon plate Saucer
Buy: $275.13 CAD
9'' classical Red Bronze carved buddism Lotus Flower incense burner censer
$193.9 CAD
8.86 inch/Tibet Silver Copper Gilt Tibetan Buddhism Statue -- White Tara Buddha
Buy: $66.8 CAD
Yellow Rose Tea Trio Hand Painted Rosina Teacup & Consort Saucer & Limoges Plate
$39.0 CAD
Chinese Brass Tibetan Buddhism Handwork Carved Thousand-Hand Kwan-yin Statue
Buy: $49.77 CAD
13" Chinese old antique hand carved huanghuali Wood Five bat plate Saucer
Buy: $275.13 CAD
8'' copper carved auspicious animal treasure wealth horse cup jar pot teapot
$195.21 CAD
 6'' brass copper carved auspicious bamboo shoots cup jar pot teapot statue
$129.7 CAD
3" Asian Antique Tibet copper gilt hand made Amitabha Buddha statue
Buy: $124.45 CAD
22.05" Collection old Tibet Tibetan Style Beeswax Bead Multi-treasure Necklace
Buy: $97.86 CAD
100% S925 Silver Big  buddha word  beacelet cool
$238.15 CAD
classical copper brass carved turtle tortoise dragon more crane incense burner
$167.7 CAD
Chinese old natural jade hand-carved double dragon pendant 3 inch
$0.02 CAD
Old Bronze Handmade Carved cobra Snake Statue Cane Walking Stick Head Statues
$21.87 CAD
12'' tibetan bronze silver carved imperial fengshui animal beast dragon statue
$196.52 CAD
Collect Chinese Natural Boxwood Wood Carved Plum blossom Flower Tree Bird Statue
$209.62 CAD
5'' bronze copper carved cassock contemplate Amitabha Sakyamuni Buddha statue
$129.7 CAD
Chinese Exquisite Hand carved child Carving bamboo statue
Buy: $180.8 CAD
Chinese Hand Carved brass Quan yin Boy Backflow incense furnace statue
Buy: $63.18 CAD
tibet copper silver plating silvering carved Guanyin Manjusri Bodhisattva
$77.3 CAD
8'' brass copper carved home fengshui decor auspicious animal Dragon Phoenix
$221.42 CAD
14CM copper silver plating carved dragon phoenix teapot pot statue
$142.81 CAD
Chinese antique Tibetan silver necklace hand-carved dragon head necklace
Buy: $24.89 CAD