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Dozing Lynx by Robert Bateman Fine Art Print in Deluxe Collector Frame Finish
$245.0 CAD
Robert Bateman prints
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Tiger at Dusk 1998 by Robert Bateman Wildlife Fine Art Print Collector Frame
$245.0 CAD
Art Print, Robert Bateman, Mossy Branches, Spotted Owl, Framed
Buy: $495.0 CAD
Robert Bateman First Arrival Killdeer Limited edition stamped signed
Buy: $399.0 CAD
Robert Bateman Winter Cardinal New Mint !! $99. Free Insured Shipping
Buy: $99.0 CAD
Robert Bateman  Sarah E with Gulls New Mint !! $119. cad  Free Insured Shipping
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ROBERT BATEMAN PRINT-Pileated Woodpeckers-Signed, #'d & Custom Framed
Buy: $650.0 CAD
Robert Bateman Polar Bear Profile framed on paper
$1300.0 CAD
Robert Bateman Peregrine Falcon and White Throated Swifts
Buy: $825.0 CAD
Robert Bateman Artistic Portrait White Gyrfalcon Framed Signed On Paper
$650.0 CAD
Robert BATEMAN " Grizzly At Rest "  Artist Proof # 11/76 comes with bonus print
Buy: $585.0 CAD
Symbol of the Rainforest Spotted Jaguar by Robert Bateman Fine Art Print Frame
$245.0 CAD
Robert Bateman Frosty Morning Blue Jay Signed Framed On Paper
$850.0 CAD
Chief American Bison Buffal Robert Bateman Wildlife Fine Art Print Deluxe Frame
Buy: $245.0 CAD
Robert Bateman Super Rare Dik Diks Ltd Edition Print 1976 353/500  MINT 
Buy: $750.0 CAD
Robert Bateman Into The Light Lion on Canvas Ltd Edition 74/180 New Mint 
Buy: $1149.0 CAD
Robert Bateman The Wise One Elephant Ltd Edition 872/950 in Very Good Condition
Buy: $999.0 CAD
Robert Bateman Queen Annes Lace & American Goldfinch Ltd Edition Framed Print
Buy: $799.0 CAD
Robert Bateman Lunging Osprey
Buy: $106.13 CAD
Robert Bateman Raft of Otters
Buy: $218.93 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Stretching - Canada Goose Giclee Canvas Limited Edition MINT NEW!
$1386.56 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Original LITHOGRAPH Rose-Breasted Grosbeak LTD art hand coloured
$590.45 CAD
Robert Bateman Sleeping - Snow Leopard
Buy: $245.45 CAD
Robert Bateman Totem and Bear
Buy: $218.93 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Giclee CANVAS Totem Pole Black Bear LTD art only 180 s/n
$1054.85 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Giclee CANVAS Spirits of the Forest Haida Totem Poles LTD art
$1857.58 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Midnight Black Wolf Giclee on Clayboard 33" x 44" 290 s/n NEW
$3562.59 CAD
Robert Bateman Mowed Meadow
Buy: $238.82 CAD
Robert Bateman The Pool of Bethesda Giclee Canvas Print Paintings Poster
Buy: $25.2 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Winter Cardinal Artist Proof LTD art print MINT Rare
$1983.64 CAD
Robert Bateman MIDNIGHT BLACK WOLF, Giclee on Clay Board (33 x 44) #18/290
$3250.78 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Monarch of Asia LTD art Giclee Canvas COA Siberian Tiger
$842.55 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Leopard in a Sausage Tree LTD art print Artist Proof AP MINT
$1054.85 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Shelter LTD art Giclee Canvas Signed and Numbered Cabin
$1054.85 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Shadow of the Rainforest Black Panther Canvas art MINT stretched
$5160.12 CAD
Robert Bateman Arctic Cliff White Wolves Conservation Edition
Buy: $557.26 CAD
Robert Bateman Canada Geese Over the Escarpment
Buy: $557.26 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Fishing Hole BEAR LTD art Giclee Canvas COA Brown Bear
$643.52 CAD
Robert Bateman Shadow of the Rainforest
Buy: $955.32 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Cardinal and Snowberries CANVAS LTD art stretched
$198.96 CAD
Robert BATEMAN " Vermillion Flycatcher " LTD Art Print Artist Proof #3 Flowers
$258.74 CAD
Robert Bateman In the Grass Lioness
Buy: $112.77 CAD
Robert BATEMAN print Burrowing Owl LTD art print MINT in folder
$104.16 CAD
Robert BATEMAN " Buffalo At Amboseli " Limited Edition Print MINT NEW !!!
$794.78 CAD
Robert Bateman River Otters Original Lithograph
Buy: $656.78 CAD
Robert Bateman New Territory Black Wolf
Buy: $258.74 CAD
ROBERT BATEMAN Edge of the Woods Whitetail Deer LE Print FREE SHIPPING
Buy: $643.52 CAD
Robert Bateman Late Winter Black Squirrel
Buy: $278.63 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Giclee CANVAS Gray Squirrel LTD art SIGNED & numbered
$922.16 CAD
Robert Bateman Wood Duck Pair in Willow
Buy: $119.4 CAD
Robert Bateman Fresh Snow - Cardinal
Buy: $218.93 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Ghost of the North LTD art Giclee Canvas COA Great Gray Owl
$2607.26 CAD
Robert Bateman Wood Bison Portrait
Buy: $955.32 CAD
Robert Bateman Bluebird And Blossoms Prestige Edition with Original Lithograph
Buy: $1240.6 CAD
Robert BATEMAN "In For the Evening" LTD art Giclee Canvas COA Sheep
$908.89 CAD
Robert Bateman On The Wing Bald Eagle
Buy: $245.45 CAD
Robert Bateman CLEAR NIGHT WOLVES giclee canvas FREE S/H & Ins. to USA & CANADA
$1187.53 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Intent Cougar LTD art CANVAS Mountain Lion mint
$616.99 CAD
Robert Bateman Prowler Raccoon
Buy: $119.4 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Snowfall Wolf LTD art Giclee Canvas Signed and Numbered
$550.64 CAD
Robert Bateman Hurricane Lake Wood Ducks includes 1987 Arkansas State Duck Stamp
Buy: $245.45 CAD
Robert Bateman Along Walker's Line
Buy: $258.72 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Golden-Crowned Kinglet & Rhododendron Giclee on Clayborard art 99
$922.16 CAD
Robert BATEMAN "In the Field" LTD art print COA Horse Mare and Foal
$224.24 CAD
Robert Bateman Shrike Pair and Hawthorn
Buy: $205.66 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Giclee CANVAS Ruby Throated Hummingbird and Columbine LTD art
$577.18 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Tadpole Time LE Giclee Canvas art Alan John 2 son's of the artist
$729.77 CAD
Robert Bateman In the Field - Mare and Foal
Buy: $232.2 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Lily Pads And Loons LTD art Giclee Canvas COA
$1160.99 CAD
Robert Bateman Eyes in the Grass
Buy: $1306.93 CAD
Robert Bateman Alaska Light
Buy: $218.93 CAD
Robert Bateman Totem and Bear Giclee on Canvas
Buy: $1054.85 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Tiger At Dusk LTD Clasart Giclee on Board COA Signed
$643.52 CAD
Robert Bateman Mule Deer in Aspen
Buy: $172.48 CAD
Robert Bateman Shoreline Common Loon
Buy: $179.11 CAD
Robert Bateman Baltimore Oriole and Plum Blossom
Buy: $165.86 CAD
Robert Bateman Rosehip and Kinglet Canvas Giclee
Buy: $729.77 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Mating Game  Giclee Canvas LTD art 180 s/n lion
$391.42 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Winter Cardinal Rigiclee LTD art print Giclee on Board RARE 1978
$1178.24 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Thinking Like A Mountain Canvas art MINT Mountain Range
$656.79 CAD
Robert Bateman The Pool of Bethesda Giclee Art Paper Print Poster Reproduction
Buy: $11.93 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Observing Christmas LTD Giclee Canvas art Golden Retriever
$1174.26 CAD
Robert Bateman Lewa Cheetah
Buy: $245.47 CAD
Robert Bateman Winter Coat
Buy: $252.09 CAD
Robert Bateman Winter Snowshoe Hare Giclee on Canvas
Buy: $862.45 CAD
Robert BATEMAN " Evening Grosbeaks " Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Print
$861.13 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Fox Crossing  LTD art Giclee Canvas COA
$829.28 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Autumn Overture moose LTD Giclee Canvas art
$1850.96 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Winter Snowshoe Hare Giclee Canvas MINT COA
$789.48 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Tembo Giclee Canvas art MINT African Elephant Signed & Numbered
$1572.32 CAD
Robert Bateman Meru Dusk Lesser Kudu
Buy: $179.12 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Fresh Snow Cardinal LTD art Giclee Canvas COA stretched
$762.94 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Off The Leash LTD Giclee Canvas art Black Lab
$696.6 CAD
Robert Bateman Rhino at Ngoro Ngoro
Buy: $331.7 CAD
 Robert Bateman - Gray Squirrel  180 S/N Giclee on Canvas   18" x 27"
$928.79 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Lake Loon & Lilypads LTD art Giclee Canvas COA
$656.79 CAD
Robert BATEMAN Long Light Polar Bear  LTD art Giclee Canvas stretched 18" x 37"
$1001.77 CAD
Robert Bateman On The Pond Wood Ducks Canvas
Buy: $524.11 CAD
Robert Bateman On the Pond Wood Ducks
Buy: $192.39 CAD