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Starry Night Van Gogh Art Print Canvas Small Wall Decor Painting Print 8x10
$8.0 CAD
$1529.15 CAD
Original Miniature F. C. COOPER Watercolor LANDING PLACE ON THE BOSPHERUS 1800's
Buy: $167.56 CAD
Woman with rifle and dagger XIX CENTURY DRAWING by unknown artist
$29.99 CAD
Count Anton Harrach "Cooking", Watercolor, 1840s
Buy: $135.39 CAD
"Duel", Spanish School of the 19th century, watercolor
Buy: $140.75 CAD
"Erotic Scene" attributed to Henri Monnier (1805-1877), Watercolor, 1850s
Buy: $116.62 CAD
Princess Henriette Odescalchi (1800-1852) "Motif of Amalfi", drawing
Buy: $154.16 CAD
Otto Ernst Schmidt "Love, Wine and Song", Ink Drawing, 1896
Buy: $116.62 CAD
"Motive of Rome", Continental School, Drawing, Early 19th Century
Buy: $135.39 CAD
"Portrait of a gentleman", English miniature, early 19th century
Buy: $237.27 CAD
"Profile portrait of a gentleman", English miniature, 1810s
Buy: $221.18 CAD
"Napoleon I's son, Franz Napoleon Duke of Reichstadt", Austrian lithograph, 1830
Buy: $160.86 CAD
Original framed oil on board, Lac d'Annecy, P. Keufer 1881 - 1961
$266.76 CAD
"Portrait of a Napoleonic general", miniature, ca. 1900
Buy: $247.99 CAD
"Portrait of a lady in baroque costume", German miniature painting on porcelain
Buy: $178.29 CAD
French (?) bronze sculpture "Bust of a little girl" 2nd half of the 19th century
Buy: $164.88 CAD
"Portrait of Lady Edith Northumberland, nee Lady Campbell of Kilberry", ca. 1865
Buy: $167.56 CAD
Adolf Pirsch (1858-1929) "Portrait of a Little Girl", drawing, ca.1900
Buy: $116.62 CAD
C 1844, A Persian Woman. Orig. handcoloured woodcut.
$53.55 CAD
KING TIGER FELIS TIGRIS Lithograph by Richard Friese 1892 old historical print
Buy: $33.5 CAD
Sir William Rothenstein "Portrait of Richard Watson Dixon", lithograph, 1898
Buy: $144.77 CAD
Adam Brenner (1800-1891) "Male Portrait", Small Oil Painting, ca.1850
Buy: $164.88 CAD
"In Italy" by Fanny Straub, 1823, watercolor
Buy: $415.56 CAD
"Portrait of 18th-century lady", French miniature, ca. 1900
Buy: $557.65 CAD
Sacrifice of the ancient Peruvians, hand colored copper engraving from ca 1820.
$53.61 CAD
"Portrait of Mrs. Colbert", English miniature, ca. 1800
Buy: $694.38 CAD
"Catharine the Great" by Ernst Rauch (b.1797), Engraving, Early 19th Century
Buy: $116.62 CAD
$1359.15 CAD
Large 19th Century Young Woman Portrait Painting - Antique German Oil Painting
$4750.0 CAD
Antique Print DOVER CASTLE, Kent, England, c1875 Original, country fields, trees
$30.0 CAD
"Portrait of a young fashionable lady", French miniature on vellum, 18/19th c.
Buy: $494.64 CAD
Pierre Adolphe Hall-Follower "Portrait of a court lady in green dress" miniature
Buy: $536.2 CAD
"Portrait of a young beauty", French oil on tin miniature, 1820/25
Buy: $616.63 CAD
Antique Portrait of a Merchant Ship Captain,Spanish School Painting,19th Century
$1650.0 CAD
MADONNA MURILLO PRADO MADRID Lithograph by Murillo 1892 old historical print
Buy: $33.5 CAD
Friedrich Wolf "Portrait of a young man", watercolor, 1850
Buy: $494.64 CAD
"Portrait of a little girl", French oil miniature, ca. 1850
Buy: $453.09 CAD
"Portrait of a Rococo lady", miniature, 19th century
Buy: $364.62 CAD
Leopold Steinrucker (1801-1879) "Portrait of a Gentleman", drawing, ca.1840
Buy: $158.18 CAD
Antique Print ON THE DART NEAR TOTNES Devon c1875 Original, river, cattle view
$27.0 CAD
19th Century stunning Original Still life Flowers in vase Oil Painting
$656.85 CAD
Home Decorations Wall Art Print Canvas William Merritt Chase Landscape SM 8x10
$8.0 CAD
Buy: $67.03 CAD
Antique Print FALLS OF THE HEPSTE Wales c1875 Original, engraved, view below
$25.0 CAD
"Portrait of a girl", Austrian miniature on organic wafer, 1860s
Buy: $494.64 CAD
Thomas Ender (1793-1875) "View of Castle Weilburg by Vienna", drawing
Buy: $557.65 CAD
"Motif of Livorno" by Giustino Carocci (b.1829), gouache over aquatint, ca.1850
Buy: $270.78 CAD
Johann Adam Klein (1792-1875) "Buffalaro di Roma", Etching, 1813
Buy: $135.39 CAD
Catharina Maria Roos af Hjelmsaeter "Portrait of a Lady", Miniature, 1830s
Buy: $553.63 CAD
Colored print THE EMPEROR OF GERMANY c1889, Pen & Pencil Newspaper, portrait
$30.0 CAD
Antique print TURN OF THE TIDE Pen & Pencil c1889 Original, children on rocks
$27.0 CAD
Antique print CATARINA Pen & Pencil Mag c1889 Original, woman portrait
$27.0 CAD
F. CARRÉ Active France around 1800 PORTRAIT MINIATURE OF A MAN Gouache on Elves
Buy: $603.23 CAD
"In Theatre", Austrian Drawing, Early 19th Century
Buy: $135.39 CAD
Art Repro oil painting:"Which Came First 1899 at canvas" 24x36 Inch
$87.25 CAD
BARN EAGLE BROWN SCOPS SNOWY OWL Engraving by Friedrich Specht 1892 old print
Buy: $26.8 CAD
Colored Litho print LADY ABERDEEN c1889, Pen & Pencil Newspaper, portrait
$30.0 CAD
Antique print A QUIET SUNDAY MORNING Pen & Pencil Mag c1889 Original, policeman
$27.0 CAD
"Portrait of a German Gentleman", large miniature, ca.1830
Buy: $680.97 CAD
Cologne Cathedral Architecture Skeches Views Religious old print Engraving 1887
Buy: $26.8 CAD
Antique print THE BOUQUET Pen & Pencil Mag c1889 Original, children, flowers
$27.0 CAD
"Study of a Girl", Ink Drawing by Nicolos (Italian? Greek?), 2nd Half of 19th c.
Buy: $355.23 CAD
"Lago di Maggiore", Ink Drawing, 1886
Buy: $135.39 CAD
Antique Print MEIRINGEN SWITZERLAND c1875 Original engraved, street scene
$27.0 CAD
Franz Joseph Sandmann "View of Baden by Vienna", watercolored lithograph, 1840s
Buy: $158.18 CAD
"Portrait of a gentleman", English miniature, early 19th century
Buy: $1154.17 CAD
Charles Hermans (1839-1924) "Sketch", late 19th century
Buy: $135.39 CAD
Ancient Greece Art Sculpting Architecture Engraving 1892 old historical print
Buy: $28.81 CAD
Antonin Gerzabek (b. 1783) "Portrait of a Czech gentleman", miniature
Buy: $576.42 CAD
Franz Reinhold (1816-1893), "Landscape", Watercolor, ca.1850
Buy: $274.8 CAD
Handmade Oil Painting repro Claude Monet The Water-Lily Pond 1899 24"x36"
$132.71 CAD
Antique Print THE ROMSDALSHORN FROM AAK, Norway c1875 Original, engraved
$30.0 CAD
"Gold brooch with miniature portrait of an elder gentleman", English School
Buy: $1601.9 CAD
Adolf Theer (1811-1868) "Portrait of a young Lady", Miniature, ca.1850
Buy: $701.08 CAD
"Quasimodo",French watercolored lithograph from the album of the Tsar's daughter
Buy: $135.39 CAD
"Portrait of a Banker", English Miniature, 1810s
Buy: $521.45 CAD
"Ceiling Project", by Franz Jobst (b.1840), Watercolor, Late 19th Century
Buy: $231.91 CAD
Antique Large Oil Painting, Portrait of a Lady, 1822 - Anton Bayer (1768-1833)
$5740.0 CAD
Antique Oil Portrait,19th Century German Painting Edmund Blume (1844-1910)
$6270.0 CAD
School of François de Cuvilliés "Wall decoration project", watercolor, 18th c.
Buy: $536.2 CAD
"Portrait of an old man", German miniature, ca. 1850
Buy: $356.57 CAD
Antique Print THE BENT CLIFF, West of Ireland c1875 Original, jagged rocks gulls
$30.0 CAD
Antique Print THE TERRACE HADDON HALL Derbyshire c1875 Original children playing
$27.0 CAD
Oil miniature portrait of a Lady by Walter Ferris Biggs
$603.23 CAD
"Portrait of a Napoleonic general", miniature, signed "C. Reinhart 1806
Buy: $1112.62 CAD
Antique Print PAINTED SCREEN ST GEORGES CHAPEL Windsor c1860 Old England, Knight
$36.0 CAD
Antique print GALATEA Pen & Pencil Mag c1889 Original, After Van der Weyde
$27.0 CAD
"Lago di Maggiore", Ink Drawing, 1886
Buy: $135.39 CAD
Antique litho Print ST GEORGE'S HALL WINDSOR c1860 Old England, C. Knight
$36.0 CAD
Antique Print KYNANCE ROCKS CORNWALL c1875 Original, shoreline, waves, fisherman
$25.0 CAD
"Beautiful bather", KMP? porcelain painting, 2.H. of the 19th century
Buy: $742.64 CAD
Antique print MAIDEN MEDITATION Pen & Pencil Mag c1889 Original, girl & Dog
$27.0 CAD
$254.7 CAD
Antique Print TOMB OF HOWARDS ARUNDEL CHURCH, England c1875 Original engraved
$27.0 CAD
Historical Spanish Art architecture sculpting painting Engraving 1892 old print
Buy: $28.81 CAD
"Study of a Boy" by Theodor Breidwiser (1847-1930), watercolor
Buy: $449.07 CAD
Antique Print-CACTUS-FLOWERING-Swan-1838
Buy: $130.7 CAD
Antique Print ST PAUL'S CATHEDRAL - Looking West c1860 Old England, C. Knight
$36.0 CAD
Antique Print ST STEPHEN'S, WALBROOK, London c1860 Old England, C. Knight
$36.0 CAD